I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you've decided to visit my website today, except by telling you exactly that!

My name is James R. Zygmont and I’m an independent photographer, writer, and an overall artistically-powered human-being. Feel free to explore my galleries, I’ve put together a few samples of my work that I hope you’ll enjoy!

If you're interested in hiring me for a project, an hourly session, or if you would like to partner up for a collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time! I am always interested in learning with others and expanding the scope of my work and experience! You can use the 'Services' link above to submit a more formal request or email me through my contact page!

If you find a photograph that you would like to purchase a print of, you can find many of my images available to order on my Etsy Storefront which you can reach with the 'Prints' link in the top-menu. If you see an image that’s not for sale, definitely contact me and we can work out a fast arrangement! (Also, all of my prints are signed and numbered. I really hope to fill a special space in your home.)

I'd like to end this little blurb with a wish and a thank you. I hope that you find a message in my work that resonates with you and that you’re able to take something back with you wherever you go.

So as a final farewell, Thank You. Your support helps inspire me to continue doing what I consider my passion.


James R. Zygmont

Owner, Hidden City Photos